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Tuscany Slide Show

  This experience offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in a Gentle Yoga retreat while exploring the sights and flavors of Tuscany.   You will enjoy a magical week of self­ care and loving life with twice daily yoga, stunning scenery, pure fun, gracious hospitality, belly laughing, great food, and well­-organized adventures.   Home base is a splendid grouping of four homes collectively known as Il Borghino, nestled in a luxurious setting with a stunning view.

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I really enjoyed the Tuscan Yoga Retreat.
The schedule was a nice balance of yoga and day trips in the area. Food was excellent. I appreciate all your hard work and planning to allow such a great experience to come off with no major hitched. Thanks so much
~R Shapiro

What a pleasure to participate in your Gentle Yoga Retreat!
From the beautiful villa, the beneficial yoga classes, magnificent food, and sharing the sights with interesting and delightful companions, I’ll have memories to treasure!
~R Burnette