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Greens for Garlic Lovers: an Easy Recipe

Sauteed Spinach with Garlic and Olive Oil Spinaci Saltati all’ Aglio e Olio Spinach was supposedly the favourite vegetable of Catherine de' Medici. Dishes served on a bed of spinach are known as "Florentine", reflecting Catherine's birth in Florence. (Source: Wikipedia) This green vegetable dish is one of our favorites.

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Smooth Moves with Roasted Roots

Joyce and I have become big fans of roasted root vegetables, with beets and all their health benefits leading the parade. We’ve become so passionate about this fall/winter favorite that we have adopted this tasty dish as a standard for breakfast with our scrambled eggs. And yes, we even enjoyed

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The Magic in the Method

The Magic in the Method

In my professional and personal opinion, moving slower in yoga just works better for a lot of us whether we are aware of it or not. When I lead Dynamic Gentle Yoga, slowing down is a readily noticeable element and to an unknowing observer, the practice might even look sleepy

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Dawn Lights on Marblehead; Sacred Business Summit

“Dawn Lights on Marblehead,” is both a famous painting depicting sunrise on the rocky Massachusetts coast and a gentle ribbing one receives for not understanding something right away. I remember this from childhood, being teased by my erudite brother and cocky cousins. But didn’t someone say something about “Have a

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Sacred Business Series with Natalie Hill- Sign up to hear my interview

“Every master was once a disaster,” T. Harv Eker This is the quote that introduces the Sacred Business Series hosted by Natalie Hill who graciously offered me the opportunity to be one of over 30 presenters. In the interview, I reveal what has been challenging for me personally as an

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  • I appreciate all your candidness…

    Rudy, I will hear your voice in my head for many times to come… gentle slow, deliberate, provoking, accepting. I appreciated all of your candidness and insight.

    ~ Jessie Chalmers
  • Thank you for giving…

    Rudy, You are a teddy bear. Thank you for emboldening me with your gentle and steady encouragement. And your humor helped me on days I was so tired. Thank you for giving, sharing yourself, and being real.

    ~ Imie
  • Will always stay with me…

    Rudy, You are very special person. Your humbleness blew me away! Vieliu, vieleu daak for sharing your knowledge, experience, and passion for yoga with me. Your quotes and person will always stay with me.

    ~ Daniela
  • I’m grateful…

    You said, “Just love them.” I have many things to thank you for, but most of all I’m grateful for your loving us. “The love alone will teach!” It did! You are an honest, funny, and amazing teacher. Thank you.

    ~ Kate
  • It made all the difference…

    Rudy, Thank you for your kindness, your abiding presence, your humor, your generosity, and your superior teaching. And for reaching out — it made all the difference for me.

    ~ Heather G