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Dynamic Gentle Yoga Teacher Certification

Accessible, Inclusive, Stimulating and Empowering. Leading an excellent Gentle Yoga class requires refined yoga teaching skills.

Uplevel your skills and join Rudy in the Dynamic Gentle Yoga Teacher Certification program. Learn the subtleties, strategies, science and skills needed for the fastest growing segment of practitioners – older students, 50 years old and up, 14 million in 2016 up from 4 million in 2012*.

Learn how to lead a Dynamic Gentle Yoga class that isn’t merely yoga-made-easier, but rather, offers dynamic movement into poses that meet students where their ability is, keeps them in a safe range of motion, while still challenging them with coordinated breathing techniques and a constant focus on subtle detail. Make all the benefits of yoga accessible to our elders with less flexible bodies.

This Certification Training will set you apart as a dedicated specialist with advanced training in the methods needed to meet the needs and expectations of students looking for a slower, kinder, clearly instructed practice; the methods needed to make your Gentle Yoga class accessible, inclusive, stimulating and empowering.

This 60-hour training is offered in a weekend format of four 15-hour modules. Your certification can consist of any four modules which are offered at several locations (see below).

Click here to complete the DGYTC application online
Click here to download the DGYTC application

listening to Rudy teachLearn from Kripalu’s Senior Teacher Trainer, Rudy Peirce, who comes with over three decades of experience leading Gentle Yoga classes, training teachers and continuing his own education and training in this evolving field.

200 YTT certification from a Yoga Alliance approved Yoga School.

Prior credit:
If you have taken Gentle Yoga Teacher Trainings with Rudy in the past four years you can count those hours toward this 60hr certification. Please submit your request for consideration to Rudy with dates and hours of the trainings you have taken.


Plymouth, MA in The Blue Room at Memorial Hall

  • March 23 – 25, 2018 Module: Empowerment through Meditation in Motion
  • September 7 – 9, 2018 Module: Modifications Clinic
  • McClean, VA at Dream Yoga Studio

  • February 22-26, 2018 Module: Mastering Interoception- The Key to Your Yoga
  • Queensbury and Glens Falls, NY

  • April 13-15, 2018 Module: Accessibility
  • Nyack, NY at the American Legion

  • May 18-20, 2018 Module: Accessibility
  • Skillman, NJ at Princeton Center for Yoga and Health

  • October 19-21, 2018 Module: Stimulate and Integrate
  • Charlotte, NC at Yoga for Life

  • 2018 dates TBA Module: TBA
  • Click here to complete the DGYTC application online
    Click here to download the DGYTC application

    Furthermore, Gentle Yoga is not just for seniors anymore. The “Wellness” teacher for a Massachusetts high school leads yoga classes all day, all week. Her students regularly request the slow restorative gentle yoga over the fast, work-out yoga style.

    Rudy training yoga teachers

    Thank you.
    My teaching has been greatly influenced by what I learned in your Gentle Yoga training at Dream Yoga. I am looking forward to learning more and incorporating this into my teaching (it’s also influenced my personal practice).
    ~E Brown

    DGYTC half moon

    Rudy truly transformed my teaching already.
    My class today was much different…much more simple and more organized…less is truly more.  So grateful!!!
    ~C Hesse

    Rudy – I woke up this morning and told my husband your class last night made me feel like I came home!
    Thank you so much. Last evening, I once again felt the power of this Gentle Yoga practice and remembered what attracted me to yoga all those years ago.  Thank you so much! I hope to take more of your trainings.
    ~D Le Fever