• Dynamic Gentle Yoga Teacher Training Certification

    What makes a Gentle Yoga class really amazing and effective?  Learn from someone who has truly refined the art of teaching Gentle Yoga. Rudy will share his secrets for creating a deeply satisfying and safe yoga class for any body that shows up in your class. Register now to up-level your skills and rejuvenate yourself as a teacher. March 4 – 7, 2016 Learn more>>

    Dynamic Gentle Yoga Teacher Training Certification
  • Much more than a vacation

    “…so much more than a vacation…a trip to Tuscany, a trip home to ourselves, and a journey with some incredible people that we never would have known otherwise. The Gentle Yoga, the thoughtful travel, and your generous spirits made for an unforgettable experience. Thank you for sharing your special place with us.”   Deb and Mike
    Learn more>>

    Much more than a vacation
  • Support for Yoga Practice

    Bring Rudy’s soothing voice into your home to guide your yoga practice.  Rudy’s Gentle Yoga CDs offer sequences of simple effective movements that will give you a mini-vacation from your everyday stress.  Rudy’s six yoga practice CDs will bring inspiration and variety to your at-home yoga practice. Learn more>>

    Support for Yoga Practice
Welcome to the website of Gentle Yoga with Rudy! The benefits of yoga are available to you regardless of your level of flexibiity, fitness, past injury or illness. If you are interested in yoga, I would be honored to be of service to you.  You can start from wherever you are. Breathe fully, and enjoy the journey. ~Peace,  Rudy

Who is Rudy Peirce?

Rudy has studied and practiced yoga and meditation for more than 30 years. He is a certified Kripalu Yoga teacher since 1983, with the highest credentials of E-RYT 500 through the Yoga Alliance.  He has a passion for guiding self-empowering, mindful yoga experiences that facilitate an effective practice for beginners and experienced practitioners alike and has enjoyed training yoga teachers for 25 years. He trained in yoga for seniors at Duke Center for Integrative Medicine and is a certified Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher.  He teaches at Kripalu Center in the Berkshires of Massachusetts, nationally, and internationally, but his yoga instruction is available no matter where you live through his yoga practice CDs.  Learn more about Rudy>>

Yoga Practice CDs

All four of Rudy’s Gentle Series CDs are appropriate for beginners as well as seasoned yoga students who want a nurturing, simple, yet deep experience. If you would like to start a home practice of yoga or just need some help getting back onto your yoga mat, Rudy’s CDs will give you the boost you need. For a more energetic practice Rudy has produced the Invigoration Series that currently includes two CDs. All of Rudy’s CDs are enhanced by custom soundtracks composed and performed by Mark Kelso, whose music is infused with compassion and kindness.

Learn more about Rudy’s yoga CDs>>

Since taking Rudy’s program and practicing with his CDs, I’m more compassionate with myself, happier, more joyful, and more optimistic. ~ Dee DeGeiso


Yoga Teacher Trainings

Rudy is a senior faculty member of the Kripalu School of Yoga. If you are planning to become a yoga teacher someday or have ever wondered if this may be the next step for you, please feel free to get in touch to discuss whatever questions or concerns you may have. Becoming a yoga teacher is a life-changing experience that will start you on a journey into yourself that is priceless. If you are already a yoga teacher, consider studying with Rudy to hone your skills and learn the art of leading Dynamic Gentle Yoga.  Earn your CEUs as you participate in one of his Gentle Yoga programs at Kripalu or attend his workshops for yoga teachers offered occasionally at yoga studios in the Northeast.  Learn more>>

Gentle Yoga in Tuscany 2017

This will be our 10th year hosting Gentle Yoga in Tuscany! It is a joy to share the experience of this fabled region, a crossroads of medieval history, the cradle of the Renaissance, land of soulful, artful living. The week offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in a Gentle Yoga retreat while exploring the sights and flavors of Tuscany. You will enjoy a magical week of loving yourself and loving life with twice daily yoga, stunning scenery, pure fun, gracious hospitality, belly laughing, great food, and well-organized adventures. Our home-base in Tuscany is a villa retreat named Il Borghino. The villa’s convenient location allows for easy travel to some of Italy’s most picturesque historic towns including Lucca, Pietrasanta and the villages of the Cinque Terre. Learn more>>

The presence of Rudy leading my winter celebratory holiday yoga class at Kripalu was like leaving the turbulent snows and freezing blasts of outdoor Berkshire life for the dappled shade of my sun locust tree in summer. This year we didn’t take an escape to Mexico’s Pacific coast but came away more refreshed than any of those airport bound destinations. Slowly and gently we moved through yoga postures that evolved into making planned steps for desired life changes. My attitudinal intentions are sprouting through this coldest of winters. The support and mildest of direction by Rudy has softened my usual harder hitting self-demands. My life as yoga is gaining in flexibility and strength.–Ruth Macbean

Experiencing Rudy's Gentle Yoga CDs is quite the ongoing adventure .... like a whole delicious universe of new yoga experiences. I am working my way through slowly and savouring them deeply. A whole fresh universe of practice and support. Thank you, Rudy for your beautiful work.–Dan Gryte

Rudy is a wonderful, caring and gracious teacher. He listens to his students needs and addresses them in a peaceful, open and inclusive way. Rudy's Gentle Yoga CDs continue to enhance my Kripalu experience in his course from last summer. Namaste' Rudy!–Claudia Cockerill

Some of my first yoga experiences were in Rudy's classes at Kripalu in the late 80's. I am so grateful for Rudy, and his wonderful teaching style! He and his classes gave me clear, friendly instruction, and created the space and for me to love yoga right from the start. 25 years later I'm teaching 11 classes a week, and a Yoga Teacher Training to boot! Thanks Rudy, you're a great teacher.–Scott Willis, M. Ed., Director of the Yoga Center at Solar Hill in Brattleboro, Vermont

Rudy is an amazing presenter: gentle, humble, and humorous.  He makes yoga simple & accessible. –  Debra Leibovich, Yoga Instructor

Gentle Yoga just seems more do-able and approachable to me. I'd been taking some individual instruction for a few months when I first went to Kripalu for a weekend. The class I took with Rudy was a revelation and beautiful experience.–M. Simpson

Rudy is the best yoga teacher I’ve ever had! His class was a perfect combination of learning, relaxation, spiritual atmosphere, humor and support.–Janie Goldenberg

Rudy has a great delivery—calm, intentional, clear—and is non judgmental and funny too! He offered many useful modifications and slow and gentle entries into poses that I will incorporate into my beginners Kripalu Yoga classes.–Lisa Friedman Reich, Yoga Teacher

I know it sounds dramatic, but I have to say, working with your tapes I think may be the first, most important step I’m taking to literally save my life! As you can imagine, I am so grateful. Thank you for touching my life in such an extraordinary way.–Susan Wolfe

Rudy is a superb teacher. He is heart-felt, knowledgeable, a good communicator, and insightful. He’s also very generous and empathetic.–Maureen Moody, Teacher

Rudy, I purchased some of your CDs, Gentle II and III, and have been doing them on and off for some time.I always end my practice by saying "namaste Rudy." I am grateful for your teaching, the times I have taken classes at Kripalu with you and on your great CDs.–M. Simpson

I went to one of your classes at Kripalu and really liked it. I have been practicing [with your CD] Gentle IV since, with great benefit to my low back.–Barry G.

Daily for the last month or so I have been using your Gentle Yoga tape (with background by Mark Kelso) to stretch my piriformis [muscle]. This alleviated pressure on my R sciatic nerve that made my toes tingle.  I'm always glad to hear your voice, and want to say THANKS!–Gray Ward

Thank you, Rudy, for the experience of Gentle Yoga.  I am sure it has touched many lives in ways that you could not imagine!  I have such peace in my heart, knowing that I can feel my feelings and emotions for what they truly are. . . not hold them inside and pretend they do not exist. Through prayer, meditation, and yoga flow. . . I can communicate in ways that I never knew were possible.  I'm happy, and everyone around me benefits (i.e., folks around me have a happy hearted companion, co-worker, mom, daughter, and friend).–Deb Green

I really enjoyed the pace and different approaches you used [in the Gentle Yoga program], including the afternoon walks and meditation, as well as the work on different postures that I have done before, but now can do more safely and fully.–Jennifer Lloyd

Thank you, Rudy...it was a treat to be led in gentle yoga and yoga nidra for 5 days AND I found that after your program, my yoga classes were inspired by the presence you hold.–Krutika, Yoga Teacher, Kripalu Center

Rudy's Gentle Yoga is a gift to the world!–F. Furrer

Rudy is masterful, patient, organized, and wonderful.–Alfa Rivard

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