Yoga Tuscany slideshow

Gentle Yoga Tuscany, Italy


Enjoy our Tuscany Slideshow from past trips when we gathered at a special place called Ebbio.  Although our trip in 2016 is a different location, you will still get a feeling of the essence of Tuscany from these photos. (Please give it a few moments to load.) 

Yoga in Tuscany is ideal European getaway!

Information and Registration for Villa Benvenuti in Tuscany 2016:

Download the 2016 Information Document and Registration Form [pdf]

Rudy and Joyce, It was such a gift to be able to share this special week with you. Twice daily yoga was the foundation for so many pleasures- the scenery and stillness of the farm, the hill town explorations and sharing fine food and wine with new friends. I look forward to a renewed yoga practice at home and am grateful for the memories! Peace! Thank you both.–Linda Desjardins

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