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Yoga changes how I think; 15 minutes can be enough

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This week summer officially arrives. I love summer. Some of my favorite outdoor activities often make it easier for me to stay relaxed about life. Whatever the season, living in-the-day, living in-the-present is still the antidote to many of my internal struggles. I have tools for present-focused living that I use all the time for managing the random content of my thoughts and the roller coaster of my emotions. Positive thinking. Compassionate self-observation. Good company (essential, actually). They all make a difference.

I know this isn’t a newsflash for regular yoga practitioners. It’s just that some well worn truths are so easy to forget. The truth is that yoga practice affects my consciousness. It changes how I think. So, it’s easier to access my tools for skillful living when I’ve done my practice of kriyas, asana, pranayama and meditation.

When I’m more conscious I tend to remember my tools. I remember what I need and even discover new tools. It seems to open a channel of intelligence within me. I remember that skillful choices make a difference and I feel better about myself for using them. 

Lately I commit to doing just 15 minutes of practice when I begin. Otherwise I easily talk myself out of it with arguments of “I can’t take an hour to do yoga today.” With this approach, I usually end up actually doing 30 – 45 minutes. And even when I do just 15 minutes, it changes me. Practice changes how I think and how I choose.

Experiment. Observe. Does even a short practice change how you think? Look for this post on my Facebook Page to share your thoughts or send me an email: