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Click here to download a handout on the Elevator Breath>>, a great anytime-anywhere technique to manage stress.

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I know it sounds dramatic, but I have to say, working with your [CDs] I think may be the first, most important step I’m taking to literally save my life! As you can imagine, I am so grateful. Thank you for touching my life in such an extraordinary way. Susan Wolfe[/client_name]

Yoga CDs by Rudy Peirce are perfect for anyone interested in establishing a Gentle Yoga home practice. The movement sequences on these CDs have been developed and refined over many years of teaching. The CDs are grouped into two collections: The Gentle Series and The Invigoration Series. All CDs in both series are:

  • Appropriate for you whether you are a beginner or a seasoned yoga student
  • Particularly well-suited for you if you are in your mid-life or senior years
  • A support for you in your goal to begin, renew or sustain an at-home practice of yoga with a variety of guided sequences
  • Enhanced by customized soundtracks composed and performed by Mark Kelso, who infuses all of his music with compassion and kindness



The Gentle Series

The Gentle Series

Your great Gentle Series [CDs] have become very precious at the deepest level of my being. They are helping so greatly in restoring the comfort and vitality of my body… ~Renuka Paula Heitzner

A collection of four Gentle Yoga practice CDs; you can start with any one of the four. Each CD in the Gentle Series includes:

  • Simple guided stretching and strengthening movements that will help you to create comfort in your body
  • Basic breathing techniques, guided relaxation, and meditation to help calm the restlessness in your mind


Invigoration Series photo

The Invigoration Series

The Invigoration Series

A collection of two Gentle Yoga practice CDs that are equally instructive and do not need to be used sequentially. These Invigoration Series CDs are particularly well suited for you if you are looking for an energetic Gentle Yoga practice. You will find it easier to follow along if you have previously attended a yoga class or have practiced with any of Rudy's Gentle Series CDs.

  • An exploration of modifications and options that make the more challenging postures do-able for those with some joint stiffness and tight muscles
  • Guided movements and yoga poses that will help you to increase your strength and flexibility
  • Pranayama practice and meditation; the Expand Your Range CD also includes a guided relaxation

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