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Want to boost fall class attendance?

I just got a great idea from Jennifra Norton while visiting her for a summer beach weekend in Harwich, Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Jennifra was part of the talented YTT Kickasana tribe of November ’06. While reminiscing, she mentioned that she had used my Gentle I CD to launch an attendance drive for her classes at that year. The drive was a great success and I thought I’d like to support other teachers by mentioning her brilliant idea. Jennifra had a core group of regulars who weren’t always that regular. It was the classic case of having a bunch of students who loved her classes but were non-committal, so the full group never really showed up for any given class. So Jenn offered them the incentive of a free Gentle I yoga CD for whomever won a drawing set on some date 6 or 8 weeks into her fall schedule. Each time a student attended class they could put her/his name on a piece of paper into a jar/hat/basket. If they brought a friend they could put their name in twice.

So, I am offering a free CD (any of my 5 CDs) to any teachers who would like to run this attendance drive in their classes this fall. If you are interested, just send me an email with your plan ad I’ll send you a complimentary CD for your attendance drive. Get creative with it. Make it work for your class schedule situation. And let me know your experience with it at the end. I think Jenn ran it twice in a row, which builds on the momentum and gives more than one person a chance to win.

The benefits of yoga are available with regular practice. Let’s support regular practice!