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Gentle Yoga with Rudy

Flower MandalaRecently on the radio I heard a report about important strategies you should adopt if you win the lottery.  Advice included putting your winning ticket into a safe deposit box as soon as possible, hiring a financial advisor that specializes in windfalls, not immediately giving away or spending lots of money, and letting your answering machine take all calls.  By the end of the radio report my mind was imagining myself going through the motions and I was thinking, “I could win the lottery.”  That’s the moment in which I realized I was not in the present moment.  I already knew that even if I bought a lottery ticket, I would be statistically more likely to have a vending machine fall on me or become President of the United States than to win money.  Becoming aware that I had just gotten caught in a crazy fantasy about how to deal with my non-existent lottery winnings was easier than catching the more insidious projections based on fear or self-doubt that my mind churns out many times throughout the day.  Thus, the importance of the practice of being present.  My yoga practice is my opportunity to create a just-right level of physical sensation to keep my attention in the here and now…to keep the breath flowing and…to keep me from buying lottery tickets.  And I’m not talking about getting into advanced yoga postures…gentle yoga is all I need to strengthen my focus on my experience, in my body, in the present moment.

If you are new to yoga, having challenges getting a regular practice going or sustaining a regular practice, check out the Gentle Series CDs that offer a variety of practice sequences brought to you by Gentle Yoga with Rudy.