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Sacred Business Series with Natalie Hill- Sign up to hear my interview

sacred business series with Natalie Hill

“Every master was once a disaster,” T. Harv Eker

This is the quote that introduces the Sacred Business Series hosted by Natalie Hill who graciously offered me the opportunity to be one of over 30 presenters. In the interview, I reveal what has been challenging for me personally as an entrepreneur and what helped me get through difficult moments. The Sacred Business Series theme of overcoming internal obstacles highlights the fact that everyone who has achieved any level of mastery has faced personal struggle; “experts” are not different from anyone else in that way.

When you sign up for this FREE summit, you get to learn from many people, myself included, with expertise in various fields of wellness as they REVEAL the INNER Work That Makes Their BUSINESS Work.

Reserve your place in the Sacred Business Series to take advantage of this sneak peak into the inner world of some awesome individuals who have faced difficulties just like you. Click here to sign up for this unique opportunity! (Exact date of my presentation has not yet been determined…stay tuned!)