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About Joyce and the MELT Method

Joyce Peirce, M.A., RYT is a MELT Method® instructor and teaches in the Berkshires and beyond. She is eager to share MELT to help people feel better and increase their enjoyment of life through ease and comfort in daily living and movement activities. She is a certified Kripalu Yoga teacher and Shake Your Soul movement facilitator (Leven Institute for Expressive Movement).

The MELT Method®
The Art and Science of Self-Care™

Drawing on cutting-edge, neurofascial science and proven manual therapy practices, Sue Hitzmann created MELT. This groundbreaking self-treatment program utilizes Hands-off Bodywork™ techniques to support the health, fitness, and quality of life of any person, at any age or activity level.

Through a series of easy, precise techniques—using simple, specialized equipment like soft body rollers* and small balls—this groundbreaking program quickly rehydrates connective tissue, making it more supportive, allowing the body to release long-held tension that contributes to chronic pain symptoms.

MELT foot on ballMELT also helps decrease accumulated stress in the nervous system improving any person’s overall wellness. It’s like getting all the benefits of a great massage yet it lasts longer and takes only minutes a day to get lasting results.

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*The MELT soft body roller is unlike the firm foam rollers you may have seen or tried before. In MELT, the objective is to reduce and eliminate pain yet the practice of MELT is not painful when practiced correctly.