The Gentle Series

The Gentle Series

A collection of four Gentle Yoga practice CDs; you can start with any one of the four.




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  • Your great Gentle Series tapes have become very precious at the deepest level of my being. They are helping so greatly on restoring the comfort and vitality of my body…The honesty and integrity of the practice you inspire is magnificent, and I pray you will continue for many more years.

    ~Renuka Paula Heitzner

  • I am so happy to have your CD’s…
    I just did yoga tonight with the first one.
    It was heaven!


  • I just finished practicing with Gentle III, and it was AWESOME –absolutely wonderful! I felt very resistant to practice tonight, so I figured I could practice the first 20-minute segment without too much fatigue…Well, from there I ended up practicing the entire cd, including the meditation segment!


  • Experiencing your Gentle Yoga CDs is quite the ongoing adventure …. like a whole delicious universe of new yoga experiences.   I am working my way through slowly and savouring them deeply.   A whole fresh universe of practice and support. Thank you for your beautiful work.


  • As a yoga teacher myself, I love each of the CD’s in this series. Not only have they brought ease into my personal practice, each one reminds me of warm-ups and postures that my students love as well.  Rudy’s yoga classes are a respite indeed!

    ~Vandita Kate Marchesiello, Director Kripalu Yoga Teachers Association