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Introducing Joyce, Rudy’s wife

As Rudy’s wife and marketing director I recently decided that I would like to start posting to the “Gentle Yoga with Rudy” blog now and then.  So here I go.  I am a speech-language pathologist and early intervention specialist in “my day job”.  That means I work with infants and toddlers.  My other work is supporting Rudy’s work and doing marketing for Gentle Yoga with Rudy and website “stuff” for (a.k.a.  Just so you know, living with the “gentleyogi” doesn’t mean that I necessarily do a lot of yoga.  I struggle with making time for practice and being consistent.  Can anyone relate?  Being in mid-life I find that Gentle Yoga is perfect for me and when I give myself permission to take it slow and easy the way Rudy leads yoga, I am more likely to find myself on my mat taking a deep breath or stopping for a stretch break.