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Everyday in-the-moment practices

Off-the-mat practices for centering, clarity and stress-relief.

These practices can make you feel different in 2-5 minutes.

  1. Take a deep breath:
    • Take five breaths, each one longer than the one before
    • Slow the breath – lengthen inhalation and exhalation
  2. Expanding breath – count the inhalation and exhalation using a count of four, then five, then six, then seven….
  3. Sun breaths – inhale the arms up from your sides, overhead. Exhale the arms out and down alongside you. Lengthen inhalation and exhalation. Continue five to ten times. Then pause and relax.
    photo of the Everyday in-the-moment practices handout
    Click on image to download pdf
  4. Ujjayi breathing – creating an inner “hissing” sound at the back of the throat, as if you are pressing the breath along the vocal chords.
  5. Nadi Shodhana – Slow, connected alternate nostril breathing. 15 – 20 rounds.
  6. Side stretches – exhale into the stretch, inhale back to center. Hands overhead or on the hips.
  7. Casual twists – sitting, exhale into the stretch.
  8. Piriformis stretch sitting in a chair. Place the outside ankle of one foot on the opposite thigh. Flex that foot. Exhaling tip a straight torso forward to the beginning of the stretch. Inhale up and out. Repeat a few times going a little deeper each time as the body allows.
  9. Affirmations – repeat the opposite of your negative self-talk
  10. Mantra– Om, SoHum, Letting Go, any mantra or affirmation repeated