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Joy of Dynamic Gentle Yoga

December 22 - December 24
Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health
57 Interlaken Rd, Stockbridge, MA

For all levels.

No matter what shape you’re in, you can enjoy the balance, peace, and self-awareness that yoga brings. Rudy Peirce takes a gentle approach, infusing his sessions with joy, humility, and warmth as he invites you into a deeply relaxing practice. Rudy skillfully breaks postures into accessible increments, and brings an understanding of specific conditions, including back problems, arthritis, and recovery from injury, surgery, and illness.
Yoga practice doesn’t have to be intimidating, discouraging, or painful. With Rudy’s inspiring and encouraging guidance, you learn how to

  • Breathe deeply again
  • Integrate meditation with yoga
  • Strengthen concentration and focus
  • Avoid pushing too hard and too far
  • Discover new strength and increased flexibility
  • Generate a plan for sustaining a personal practice
  • Gain optimism for positive change.

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    • Rudy is masterful, patient, organized, wonderful.

      ~Alfa Rivard

    • Rudy is the best Yoga teacher I’ve ever had. It was a perfect combination of learning, relaxation, spiritual atmosphere, humor and support.

      ~Janie Goldenberg

    • Rudy is a professional yoga teacher. He has tremendous gift of building relationships to each of us in the workshop. There’s a wonderful aura during each session, a calming and accepting air.

      ~Hannah Lindenblatt

    • Rudy has a great delivery—calm intentional, clear- and is non judgmental and funny too! He offered many useful modifications and slow and gentle entries into poses that I will incorporate into my beginners Kripalu yoga classes.

      ~Lisa Friedman Reich

    • Wonderful class/workshop. Practice was a beautiful moving meditation.

      ~Emily Gobler

    • I was most impressed by Rudy Peirce’s style of teaching.  His directions were clear.  His primary concern seemed to be imparting a safe, non-injurious approach. I liked very much his simplicity and humility.  He was not presenting himself as a star with products for sale.


    • I woke up this morning and told my husband your class last night made me feel like I came home! Thank you so much.

      ~Denyse Le Fever

    • Rudy is so open and personable, allowing each person to feel listened to and understood.

      ~Domina Matthews Page, Therapist

    • Thanks so much, Rudy. Working with you got me hooked on yoga and meditation and I’m finally fitting both into my life on a regular basis. (Although Rudy is younger than me, I want to grow up to be like him.)

      ~ Paul Lindenblatt

    • What a great week of Dynamic Gentle Yoga teacher training.

      ~Lee Goodhew Romm

    • Many thanks, Rudy, for a great and informative weekend.  My students were very receptive last week to your new approaches to gentle yoga.

      ~Brenda Cowell, RYT

    • You inspired my teaching and I thank you so much.

      ~Leslie Roth

    • Your generous gifts — as both a devoted teacher, and as a love-focused human being — will continue to resonate deeply within me. Echoing the hopes of many at Yoga for Life, I happily look forward to your return.
      With gratitude,

      ~ Hampton

    • Thanks for your amazing training. I have gained so much from it and I have already begun to incorporate some ‘gentle yoga’ practices into my practice. The journey continues…Truly grateful to you.

      ~Jill Matthews

    • Our Dynamic Gentle Yoga teacher training with Rudy Peirce was amazing! I enjoyed and greatly benefited from your teacher training. I am very inspired. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. 

      ~Andrea Lake Meharg

    • Taking your spring weekend workshop truly changed my life! Thanks so much, working with you got me hooked on meditation, and I’m finally fitting it into my self-care routine.

      ~Dee Degeiso