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Is your practice and leading grounded, clear and empowering? Learn the 8 essential alignment principles. Build knowledge. Deepen your personal practice. Improve health. Hone teaching skills. Substantial MANUAL provided. Enjoy one or more of the 7 workshops: Dynamic Gentle Yoga "Movement Medicine" Master Class Thursday; 25-Posture Training Sequence on Friday; (...)

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DGYTT in Plymouth, MA

Dear Students and Yoga Teachers, Welcome to the information and registration page for my yoga classes, workshops, and Part 1 of Dynamic Gentle Yoga Teacher Certification (DGYTC) in "the Blue Room" at Plymouth Memorial Hall in Plymouth, Mass.! I am excited to begin the first cycle of the first-ever Dynamic (...)

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Dynamic Gentle Yoga

Rudy leads the practice of Dynamic Gentle Yoga in the Kripalu Yoga style.   He emphasizes attuning to your inner experience. That attunement begins with body awareness, closely linked to the next subtler level, breath awareness. Through awareness of physical sensation and the quality of breath you can practice gentle (...)

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Dynamic Gentle Yoga

Join Rudy for a delicious and leisurely sequence of yoga movements on Friday evening. On Saturday afternoon, if you teach yoga yourself or just want to know how he does what he does, join him for the teacher training. You will investigate the nuances of leading yoga using a dynamic (...)

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For all levels. Experience a yoga practice that meets you where you are. Rudy Peirce takes a slow and gradual approach that gently explores your pain-free range of motion to catalyze the many benefits of yoga for body, mind, and spirit. Come learn what’s possible in an accessible practice that (...)

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Download a flyer Click here to register Explore Dynamic Gentle Yoga (DGY) practice this weekend by attending one or all of the sessions. (See schedule below.) Friday evening Rudy will guide you in an accessible and empowering introduction to yoga for your unique body, enjoying breath-connected movement to explore your (...)

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December 22, 2017
Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health
57 Interlaken Rd, Stockbridge
January 5, 2018
Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health
57 Interlaken Rd, Stockbridge
February 23, 2018
Dream Yoga Studio & Wellness Center
1485 Chain Bridge Road Suite 104, McLean
March 23, 2018
Plymouth Memorial Hall
83 Court Street , Plymouth
  • I appreciate all your candidness…

    Rudy, I will hear your voice in my head for many times to come… gentle slow, deliberate, provoking, accepting. I appreciated all of your candidness and insight.

    ~ Jessie Chalmers
  • Thank you for giving…

    Rudy, You are a teddy bear. Thank you for emboldening me with your gentle and steady encouragement. And your humor helped me on days I was so tired. Thank you for giving, sharing yourself, and being real.

    ~ Imie
  • Will always stay with me…

    Rudy, You are very special person. Your humbleness blew me away! Vieliu, vieleu daak for sharing your knowledge, experience, and passion for yoga with me. Your quotes and person will always stay with me.

    ~ Daniela
  • I’m grateful…

    You said, “Just love them.” I have many things to thank you for, but most of all I’m grateful for your loving us. “The love alone will teach!” It did! You are an honest, funny, and amazing teacher. Thank you.

    ~ Kate
  • It made all the difference…

    Rudy, Thank you for your kindness, your abiding presence, your humor, your generosity, and your superior teaching. And for reaching out — it made all the difference for me.

    ~ Heather G