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Dawn Lights on Marblehead; Sacred Business Summit

sunrise marblehead light tower

“Dawn Lights on Marblehead,” is both a famous painting depicting sunrise on the rocky Massachusetts coast and a gentle ribbing one receives for not understanding something right away. I remember this from childhood, being teased by my erudite brother and cocky cousins. But didn’t someone say something about “Have a beginner’s mind”? Wasn’t it one of those Zen masters?

“In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the experts there are few.”
Shunryu Suzuki

How do experts hit their stride? Is it a smooth ride? A charmed life, we might call it.
This is rarely the case if ever. I console myself and my anxious yoga teacher trainees saying, “You learn more from your mistakes than your successes.”

I have to be reminded that I’m entitled to be in development with anything at anytime. What’s effective is the process of learning how to be a human being rather than comparing myself to some idea of who I think I should be.
But when you look at so-called “rock stars”, it can be hard to imagine them ever struggling!

What if you could get an inside peek into the lives of experts . . .
. . . and discover what it took for them to go from clueless to mastery?

Well, you can.

The SACRED BUSINESS SERIES draws the curtain back on the methods behind the mastery.
Starting today, you can witness how experts turned their mess into their mission.

This is a free series of over 30 hour-long interviews with successful coaches, therapists and teachers with a focus on how to overcome the obstacles to running a business that has a mission they hold sacred.

When you sign in you will be able to listen to each of the presenters for a 24 hour period as they are released during the summit.  There are presenter videos already available in the early bird series that are being released now before the official start of the summit.

Best part?  It really is totally FREE! Save your seat here

To allay any trepidation, listening to all of the presenter interviews (one per day for a month) in the summit actually is free. The optional $77 fee you will see after you submit your email address is ONLY if you choose to purchase the package deal to get DVD copies of the interviews and a bunch of other resources that come with that.  There is no obligation to pay the $77 but I can see how that can be a brilliant way to spread out the intake of inspiration over time.

Second best part? I have the honor of being one of the experts! I share how to get from stuck to stride. From blocked to blossoming. I hope you’ll join me. When I know the date my interview will be aired I will let you know! I believe you’ll find this summit nourishing.

I’m looking forward to listening and my wife Joyce has enjoyed a couple of the free pre-summit interviews already and said they are exceptional. I can always use some inspiration, tools and stories that help me feel less alone in the challenges I face bringing “what I have to offer” to those who want it.

Blessed Be,