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 Dynamic Gentle Yoga Teacher Certification

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Somewhere I recently heard, “Gentle is the new Advanced.”
Yes! The time has come for an advanced training in Gentle Yoga! And it’s called Dynamic Gentle Yoga Teacher Certification (DGYTC). This training will provide you with the tools you need in order to lead refined, effective Gentle Yoga.

Over the years I have frequently received feedback from yoga teachers who express their surprise upon taking my Gentle Yoga class, “I didn’t realize you could slow it down that much.” Slow is one of the primary characteristics of Dynamic Gentle Yoga. Modified versions of movement and postures may be the next most important characteristic. Many yoga teachers aren’t aware of what modifications may be needed partly because they haven’t encountered pain, stiffness, weakness and inflexibility in their own body the way some of their students do.

The teaching methods used to make a Gentle Yoga class accessible, inclusive, empowering and stimulating are not part of any standard 200 hour curriculum as far as I know. It’s just not part of the mainstream of American yoga. Not yet. However, some yoga teachers, yoga studios, and yoga class providers are making Gentle Yoga a priority in their scheduling. Sometimes the choice is driven by a belief that Gentle Yoga has a contribution to make to a wide spectrum of yoga practitioners. Sometimes the choice to prioritize Gentle Yoga is driven by the expressed needs of the students who show up. Many students tell me that it’s hard to find a Gentle Yoga class and some complain that the class they found didn’t meet their needs.

Although I have taught many hundreds of Gentle Yoga classes and have been training yoga teachers since the 1980s, it wasn’t until 2012 that I first began offering Gentle Yoga Teacher Trainings. Since 2012 I have offered half-day, full-day, weekend and 5-day Gentle Yoga Teacher Trainings at Dream Yoga Studio in McLean, VA, Kripalu Center and studios in Babylon, NY, Portland, ME, and Charlotte, NC among others.

DGYTC is a training for teachers already certified at the 200-hour level and covers 80 hours of practice, study and writing. Click here to go to the main info page about DGYTC.

Topics include:
-Teaching Methods for accessibility and inclusivity.
-Conditions that students come to class with.
-Appropriate pranayama for Dynamic Gentle Yoga.
-Assisting, sequencing, guiding meditation.
-Restorative Yoga
-Yoga Nidra
-Alignment, breath and core
-Dynamic Gentle Depth Practice
-Dynamic Gentle Chair Yoga
-Posture Clinics
-Accessible Backbends
-Essential warm-ups

All sessions qualify for YA CEs.
The training comes with a substantial manual.

The Dynamic Gentle Yoga Teacher Certification (DGYTC) is currently being offered in two locations. Click here for more information.

Early bird pricing is in effect for the next module in Plymouth until August 25.
To register, click here

Our first DGYTT graduate, Alicia Reilly, of Dream Yoga, shares, “This is what I strive to share with my students…it’s about having many different tools to help a student find an expression of the pose that is right for them…My certification confirms for me and others my commitment to this compassionate practice.”

If you have taken Dynamic Gentle Yoga classes, workshops or trainings with Rudy previously, you may apply those hours toward the DGYTC.
Click here to download an application for the Certification.