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Become your own Hands-Off Bodyworker™ and experience a more effective and pleasurable yoga practice.

The MELT Method® is a simple self-treatment approach to wellness that complements yoga beautifully by restoring the fluid state of the neurofascia/connective tissue system of your body.  MELT was created by manual therapist Sue Hitzmann whose goal was to create a self-help method which had similar results to her hands-on sessions. “MELTing” improves your balance,  flexibility, quality of sleep, and helps the water that you drink get absorbed by your tissues where its needed.  Regardless of your age, level of fitness or flexibility, you can learn and benefit from MELT.  You can treat yourself at home in 10 minutes a day using small specialized rubber balls and a unique soft roller and be your own Hands-Off Bodyworker™.  You will feel better and enjoy yoga more when you MELT.

Rudy and his wife Joyce are trained to teach The MELT Method® treatments for the hands and feet.  Joyce will be completing training in the roller techniques and be ready to teach in January 2014:

  • A MELT workshop will be offered during our week in Tuscany.
  • Gentle Yoga workshops that incorporate MELT will be offered at studios where Rudy teaches starting in 2014.

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Joyce is the owner of MELT Method Berkshires.  Learn more>>

Not in the Berkshire?  Find a MELT instructor in your area>>

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