Meditation gone flat? I bet we can change that!

What a winter! Particularly in the north and northeast, winter is a time of contraction, bundling up, bracing against the cold, hunkering down and pulling the covers over my head. Seems like an appropriate time to talk about a practice gone flat.

A few weeks ago while teaching the Dynamic Gentle Yoga program a student took the time to write me a careful letter about a particular challenge she was facing in ...

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The Great Work of Your Life

Stephen Cope's book: The Great Work of Your LifeThe Great Work of Your Life

I have been reading a compelling book called The Great Work of Your Life, written by a dear friend, Senior Kripalu Scholar-in-Residence, Stephen Cope. Stephen’s insights in this, his third amazing book on the philosophy of yoga, are illuminating some of the challenges in my professional life as a yoga instructor. As such, it is aptly subtitled, A Guide for ...

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Gentle Yoga with Rudy

Flower MandalaRecently on the radio I heard a report about important strategies you should adopt if you win the lottery.  Advice included putting your winning ticket into a safe deposit box as soon as possible, hiring a financial advisor that specializes in windfalls, not immediately giving away or spending lots of money, and letting your answering machine take all calls.  By the end of the radio report my mind was ...

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What is Gentle Yoga?

Rudy teaching teachersGentle Yoga is one term used by many to mean many things. Gentle Yoga can refer to a variety of types of yoga classes taught by teachers from various styles of yoga. In this era of the rapidly growing popularity of yoga, classes are springing up everywhere. If you are shopping around for a satisfying yoga class you’ll want to know whether you are going to fit in ...

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Travel Stretching

To stretch or not to stretch…that is the question.

My wife, Joyce and I were talking about travel this morning and my mind flashed on an experience I had many years ago when I was waiting for a ride after my arrival at the airport in San Francisco.  I was standing out at the curb with my bags wondering what was holding up my friend (no cell phones back then).  But it was a beautiful day (the kind of thing that ...

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Gentle Yoga: When the Sensation Increases, Deepen the Breath

Some thoughts on Gentle Yoga and breathing…

“Yoga is about changing our habits.” Rodney Yee

It is our habit to shorten the breath when sensation increases. This is a coping mechanism. A wonderful defense of the human organism to ward off the shock of traumas large and small.  In yoga practice the possibility is to feel more. Yoga helps us increase sensitivity and awareness. Ultimately this helps us make more skillful, conscious choices and allows us to create greater fulfillment in life.  ...

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Holiday Gentle Yoga 12/29 – 1/2

The Joy of Gentle Yoga 12/29 at Kripalu in Lenox, MA was a successful Gentle Yoga immersion experience. Kripalu Center was the place to be for inspiration and rejuvenation over New Year’s weekend.  We began 2011 with focused relaxation.  Watch my presenter page on Kripalu’s website and sign up for my newsletter by emailing me at so you will know about ...

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Gentle Yoga in Tuscany III, sweet as ever!

Just got back from Tuscany (Oct. 14). What a great time! We had a great group of folks once again on our third adventure to Tuscany, Italy’s land of all things beautiful, landscape, ancient villages, many-towered medieval hilltop fortress- cities, centuries-old cathedrals with audio-tours, religious art spanning the millenias, marble sculpture, alabaster sculpture, plaster and clay sculpture, stylish clothing, local olive oil, local wine, sherry-sweet balsamic vinegar, all types of cheese, fresh, today’s fresh… you get the picture. It goes ...

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Echoes from Men’s Yoga Quest

August 2009:  This past week, 7 men joined Chuck Naughton, Ben Seidman, Shaun LaFramboise and I for the 5-day Men’s Yoga Quest at Kripalu Center, Lenox MA. This morning I feel great! Grateful, strong, content, thoughtful. I’ll share one nugget that reverberates into activities of daily life like an unexpected pebble dropped into the pond, guest at the door. We begin the program considering what we need. What do I need from these five days? What do I need at ...

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Spaces still open in Tuscany program 2009

Three experiences in one!

Gentle Yoga Immersion. Masterfully led yoga twice a day, before breakfast and dinner.

Daily touring, tasting, exploring and shopping in the beautiful cities and hilltop villages of Tuscany.

Sharing the journey with like-minded gentle yogins.

Check out the details and travel tips in our Tuscany Registration Form

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