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A native of Topsfield and Boston Massachusetts, Rudy has been a resident of the Berkshires for nearly 30 years. He and Joyce, his wife of 18 years and Brownie, their chocolate lab rescue dog enjoy their home in South Berkshire County.

Rudy teaching

Photo: Rudy assisting Amy with alignment in Ardha Mandalasana, the half circle.

Brownie at Fountain Pond

Brownie at Fountain Pond, Great Barrington

Rudy’s passion is helping people discover the best of themselves through a self-nurturing practice of  yoga.  His gift is leading Gentle Yoga, a particularly accessible yet deep and effective style of yoga he has developed over the years.  He has made his style of Gentle Yoga available for home practice through the popular “Gentle Series” CDs, appropriate for anyone interested in yoga regardless of experience, flexibility or strength.

Rudy  has practiced and studied yoga and meditation since 1973 when he attended his 1st yoga class while a student at New England College in Henniker, New Hampshire.   Though intrigued with the physical practice of yoga, it was really peace of mind he was after when he began his spiritual journey.  He began a regular meditation practice at 19, managing to find a quiet place to court stillness for twenty minutes twice a day which he credits for significantly reducing the shyness and insecurity he had experienced as a child and young adult.

Rudy’s yoga and meditation practice continued in earnest throughout his undergraduate studies and his attendance at Lesley College where he obtained a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology.  He also worked at a Community Mental Health Center working with adults whose dis-eases required them to live with continual supervision.   He attended local Kripalu yoga classes in Concord, NH during this time and began going to retreats at Kripalu.

Kripalu Center

Kripalu Center

In the summer of 1982, Rudy resigned from his job to move to Kripalu to participate in the lifestyle of  the spiritual community where the practice of yoga and meditation went hand in hand with the hard work of running the guest center. He began teaching classes for residents and guests of the yoga center and became certified as a Kripalu Yoga Teacher in 1983.  Soon after he became a junior teacher trainer, coaching the teaching staff of the guest and resident yoga classes.

Rudy then became a senior teacher trainer and participated in the development of the teacher training curriculum.  He directed yoga teacher certification programs for more than 10 years.  His classes for guests and for the resident community were well-loved and some of his colleagues dubbed him “the Dr. Feelgood of yoga”.  His unique style of leading was effective for those new to yoga as well as others just wanting to “slow it down” without sacrificing the deeper benefits of yoga.

Rudy was instrumental in creating the distinction of  “gentle yoga” at Kripalu which transformed the way guest classes were structured.   The delineation of daily guest classes as being gentle, moderate or vigorous continues to this day.  During his teacher training career Rudy also created a mentoring program.  He coached advanced yoga teachers to hone their skills in the use of a developmental training method unique to Kripalu that is based on compassionate self-observation rather than typical trainer to trainee feedback.  These teachers became mentors for other teachers filling a need in the yoga teacher community and offering a unique skill set to professional yoga teachers.

In the 1990s, Rudy led some of the most popular yoga programs for men. He continues to inspire and bring guys together in retreats offered periodically at Kripalu Center and through men’s yoga classes or day-long workshops around the northeast.


Rudy has now been practicing, studying, and teaching yoga for 30 years.  Rudy currently teaches Gentle Yoga and advanced teacher training workshops throughout the northeast as well as teaching programs and leading guest classes at the Kripalu Center on a regular basis.  In addition he directs a week long yoga holiday in Tuscany annually in the Fall.

Rudy collaborated with Ed Harrold of ComfortZone in Delaware to launch their Whole Self Yoga School in 2010. Beginning in 2013 Rudy will be co-directing LifeForce Yoga® Teacher Training with Amy Weintraub, author of Yoga For Depression.

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